Why Choose our Accountancy Services?

Our team make sure your accounts are:

Prepared in accordance with HMRC guidelines and standards

You will be advised on what tax structures are most suitable to the nature of your businesses.

Up to date to attain submission deadlines

Advocated credible goals to set yourself and provided consultancy on your start-ups.

Consistent and Reliable for Sure!

At Akademi we understand the significance of financial stability to each and every client.

In regards to payments and fees; Accountancy Services offer various payment plans, fee arrangements and customised service packages tailored to your needs. Both fixed and variable fees can be arranged or even a fusion of both.


Who We Provide Services To

Akademi Accountancy & financial services currently provides a vast range of professional services to a range of businesses and businessmen. These businesses tend to be small to medium sized limited companies, sole traders (self-employed) and or number of partnerships. We make sure every client and business is given our uttermost attention, courtesy and responsiveness in the most professional manner. Some of the businesses are:

  • Shops / Supermarkets / Convenience Stores
  • Estate Agents / Investors / Other property related to business
  • IT Consultant / Web Designers / PC Repair Consultants
  • Cafes / Kebab Shops / Catering Vans
  • Wholesale & Retail Businesses
  • Import & Export Businesses
  • Translators & Interpreters
  • Travel Agents
  • Freelancers

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Ensuring consistent provision of a friendly, personal and prudent service; Akademi Accountancy exists to help your business excel. At Akademi, we provide a vast range of tax and other business services to help ensure your financial affairs are in good health and in good check with statutory bodies. Our growing team of accountants strive to minimise your tax exposure and structure them in the most efficient manner. We also understand that a professional service should not be merely limited to discussing and structuring tax savings. At Akademi we aim to provide credible advice and recommendations in relation to your business’s goals, strategies, capital investments, commercial strategy and any other factors related to its stability and growth.